Why Now’s the Time to Clear Out Your Gutters

With Autumn here and the winter approaching, now’s the time to clear out your gutters and protect your newly renovated home. Those improvements and minor alterations could turn out to be a waste of your hard-earned dollars if you don’t ensure the weather can’t destroy them.

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Paying attention to your roof just before winter is essential, and that involves clearing out your gutters so that your roof can continue doing its job effectively. It might be worth having your roof inspected professionally to prevent cosmetic and structural problems. If you can see signs such as cracked, missing, deteriorated or warped shingles, having an inspection sooner rather than later will help you save a significant sum in the long run.

While roof repairs require a professional’s touch, you can clear out your gutters using a leaf blower to protect the structural integrity of your property. The act of clearing blockages also makes your gutters less susceptible to holes, cracks and complete wreckage. If you’d rather be safe than sorry, call a gutter clearing specialist to give your guttering the care and attention it needs.

Here are just some reasons why keeping your gutters in top shape is crucial:

  • Guttering prevents birds from nesting and rodents from making a habitat out of your home.
  • They prevent a build-up of water which can become a hotbed for breeding insects.
  • They stop stagnant water from overflowing into your home and causing damp and mould growth.
  • Gutters can allow you to harvest rainwater while keeping it contaminant-free.
  • Regular cleaning reduces your ongoing maintenance requirements and costs.
  • They can also protect against bushfire.

If you suspect your gutters may need professional cleaning, we highly recommend giving us a call. In the process, we can survey your roof for signs of damage, catching and repairing small issues before they exacerbate and become increasingly hazardous and costly to fix.

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