Gutter Guard

Cleaning out your gutters is a messy and potentially dangerous business. Suffice to say that getting on a ladder 10 or 20 feet off the ground and cleaning the muck out of your gutters is not an aspect of homeownership that anyone enjoys.

At UltraFlow Home Solutions, we provide a preferable alternative to manual gutter cleaning. Our Gutter Guard system effectively keeps leaves and other debris out of your gutters. The durable aluminium design of our Gutter Guards allows for free water flow while filtering other debris out of the stream. Birds won’t be able to nest in your gutters either, which will also help with cleanliness and general maintenance.

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We offer two types of Gutter Guard depending on your preference:

Both types of Gutter Guard systems are backed by 20-year warranties and both offer considerable protection from the risks of clogged gutters and invading pests.

Premium Woven Aluminium Mesh

Premium Woven Aluminum Mesh is a gutter guard that is extremely effective on most residential roofs.

This type of woven Gutter Guard is an extremely effective leaf guard on most residential roofs. Its smaller 2mm x 2mm hole blocks debris while still ensuring effective water flow and control, even in heavy rain. It also abides by Australian standards for homes in bush fire zones as an ember guard. You can get our premium aluminium mesh Gutter Guard in a variety of colours to make sure it matches with the aesthetic of your home.

Premium Expanded Aluminium Mesh

Want to prevent pests from nesting? Premium Expanded Aluminum is the Gutter Guard system for you.

If you are interested in harvesting rainwater at your home, or preventing birds and other pests from nesting in your gutters or entering your roof space, or even just keeping your gutters free from leaves, this Gutter Guard system is for you. The 3mm X 4mm hole design filters out leaves and debris while also maximising the water collection capabilities of your gutters resulting in optimal flow for rainwater harvesting. It is also available in variety of colours to suit the colour palette of your home.

We service all Melbourne suburbs from Williamstown to Frankston, Essendon to St Kilda.

If you live in Melbourne or its surrounding suburbs, and you are interested in installing premium Gutter Guard, contact UltraFlow Home Solutions today.

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We will arrange a time for one of our team members to visit your home, assess your gutter system, speak with you about your requirements and help you decide which gutter protection system is right for you.

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From there, we can provide a free quote for your project and move forward from there. Do note that, if you decide to work with us, you will receive a complimentary gutter cleaning service before the Gutter Guard installation.

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