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Our COVID-Safe Plan

As members of the VBA we care about following all the current restrictions provided by the Victorian State Government. Strict social distancing and hygiene

Why Now’s the Time to Clear Out Your Gutters

With Autumn here and the winter approaching, now’s the time to clear out your gutters and protect your newly renovated home. Those improvements and minor alterations could turn out to be a waste of your hard-earned dollars if you don’t ensure the weather can’t destroy them.

6 Ways Birds are Ruining your Home

You may be surprised to learn that those sweet, sing-song birds, peacefully congregating around your home, bird feeder, and bird bath, are in fact not all that sweet or peaceful after all, and in reality, they are wreaking havoc on your property.

Guard Your Home Against Bushfires

While bushfires are a part of life for Victoria residents, there are steps we all can take to defend our homes and families. The causes of bushfires are clear. Lightning is the highest cause and accounts for nearly half of the area burnt by bushfires.

The Dangers of Cleaning Your Own Gutters

You’ve heard it before – having a gutter filled with dead leaves and debris can be a danger to your home. It could cause a leaking roof, warped gutters, or provide a way for pests to enter your property.

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