Are you tired of cleaning out your gutters every season? Especially if you live in an area with many trees, your gutters can quickly become a mess of leaves and other debris. This debris blocks your guttering, impedes the flow of rainwater and makes it more difficult to divert water off the roof and away from your house. Fortunately, at UltraFlow Home Solutions, we can help. Dirty gutters are more than just a nuisance. Keeping your guttering clean and free of debris, birds nests or other unwanted blockages will protect your home from an array of other pests and threats. At UltraFlow Home Solutions, we can give your home the protection it deserves. If you are experiencing a problem with your Guttering or Roof and before any structural damage is caused to your home request a free quote.

Why Choose us

We provide a variety of services and solutions, all designed to protect and enhance your greatest asset – your home.

You'll benefit from our 30+ years experience in Home Solutions
A Team With 30+ Years Experience

You'll benefit from our 30+ years experience installing gutter guarding on thousands of homes.

Leaf guards save you from having to get on a ladder to clean leaves from your gutters manually.
Free Gutter Cleaning Before Installation

Your gutters will be thoroughly cleaned out before we install your guarding solution at no extra cost.

All our installers are Home Solution experts who are fully insured.
Fully Trained And Insured Installers

All our installers are insured and trained to the highest levels of workmanship and safety.

You'll get the highest-quality aluminium gutter guarding on the market
High-Quality Aluminium Gutter Guarding

You'll get the highest-quality aluminium gutter guarding on the market, not plastic products that break down over time.

You'll never be hit by surprise additional costs. What we quote is all you'll pay.
Fixed Price Contracts

You'll never be hit by surprise additional costs. What we quote is all you'll pay.

Have peace of mind your gutter guard will last with a 25 year workmanship warranty.
25 Year Workmanship Guarantee

You'll have peace of mind your gutter guard will last with a 25 year workmanship warranty.

Roof Repair and Restoration

Is your roof showing the wear and tear of time? We can clean, seal and repair your roof, restoring unsightly discolouration problems and extending the lifespan of the roof itself.

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Peace of mind your Roof Restoration will last with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Gutter Guard Installation

Our aluminium Gutter Guard design keeps leaves and other debris out of your gutters. The benefits of these protection systems are significant and far-reaching, from cleaner rainwater harvesting to reduced risk of pest infestations or ember attack associated with bush fires. Plus, the leaf guard saves you from having to get on a ladder to clean leaves from your gutters manually.

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We offer a Lifetime Product Guarantee on all Gutter Guard services. Have peace of mind your gutter guard will last with a 25 year workmanship warranty.

Bird Proofing

Birds can damage your property, spread disease, draw pests, increase noise levels and pose other dangers. If you have a bird problem at your home or business, UltraFlow Home Solutions can install our gutter protection system to bird-proof your property.

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How we can help you

We are proud to bring these services to the Melbourne, Victoria market and surrounding suburbs. If you are considering gutter protection or a roof restoration project, you are in good hands with UltraFlow Home Solutions. To learn more about our product solutions, or to ask for a free quote, contact us today.

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Our Client Reviews

Connie N.

I am so happy that I met with Glen from UltraFlow and decided to protect and seal my gutters. UltraFlow’s workmanship was excellent and the service was brilliant. They cleaned up after the fitting and even cleaned the gutter areas that did not require sealing. I am a happy customer.

Vicki Edmonds, Frankston

This is a very professional outfit who deal honestly, punctually and promptly with their clients, even in the prospective stage. We had an ongoing problem with nesting birds. UltraFlow Home Solutions gave us a fuss free quote, which was extremely competitive, and completed a meticulous installation in less than a day. The tradie was a delight and so too the manager. We cannot recommend this business too highly. If only all home improvements and maintenance could be handled in this manner. Great folks with respect for the customer.

Julie Anne Chamaa

Thanks for your hard work and job completion. You were prompt and professional. I would recommend your services to others.

Rosalie Wilson

It was a quick job done by UltraFlow Home Solutions. They were professional, prompt and friendly. I would recommend them to others.


Great service, happy with price – arrived on time, looks great and no mess. Thank you!

Jane Holman

Service and the product is very good. No complaints from me. Highly recommend this company!

Terry Hausler

Very happy, fantastic service and great tradies. Would recommend UltraFlow.

Jeannette Ditterich

Service excellent, tradesmen who installed very good. Would recommend Ultra Flow Home Solution.

Vivian Harris

Fantastic service. Fast, prompt and helpful. I was inundated by birds nesting in my gutters and into the roof and walls in my new two story house. Have had the whole house done and the silence is almost deafening around my lounge room. Birds are now only in the trees where they belong. Would highly recommend this company.

Jillian Elliott

Very happy with the service, great price. Tradie that installed it was great and cleaned out the gutters and left no mess, l would recommend UltraFlow flow with your gutters if you are having to deal with birds nesting in your roof, Thank you again for the great service!!!!

Grace Rantino Sultana

Signed up during really bad weather time so it probably took longer to schedule a time to finish my home, especially with 2 story house. I got communicated to after each step clearly and Glen is quite a professional. After photos look great!

Tram Anh Reddan

Came on time and did a good job. Very happy with the result.

Vicky Kennard

Great to deal with! The company is not too big so you are dealing with the owners who are extremely pleasant to deal with. Work was well done and completed on time quoted. Very happy to recommend them.

John Clayton
Honest, efficient, reliable and also the cheapest quote. I have passed their details on to my auntie. I would definitely recommend them.
Siew Dooley

We guarantee our services, including a Lifetime product guarantee on our gutter guard services and a 10 year Dulux issued warranty on full roof restoration services, gutter guard installs from fully trained and insured technicians and fair fixed-price contracts. If you choose to install a gutter leaf guard on your home, we also offer a free gutter cleaning service before installation.

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